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    1.  Sean Chester - 02:32:04
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    1.  Cam Levins - 01:02:15
    2.  Geoff Martinson - 01:03:38
    3.  Evan Esselink - 01:04:05
    4.  Geoff Martinson - 01:04:34
    5.  Cam Levins - 01:05:00
    1.  Rachel Cliff - 01:10:08
    2.  Natasha Wodak - 01:11:31
    3.  Rachel Cliff - 01:11:52
    3.  Sasha Gollish - 01:11:52
    4.  Rachel Cliff - 01:12:21
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Lovig and Watson top Canadians at London!!
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Nova Scotia's Johnny Miles, 1926 and 1929 Boston Marathon champion, 1905-2003
Canadian Jacqueline Gareau crossed the finish line (at the 2005 event), breaking the ceremonial tape to honor her 1980 Boston Marathon win. Gareau was denied her chance to break the tape in 1980 because of the infamous Rosie Ruiz incident. Ruiz had snuck into the race and finished ahead of Gareau, but it wasn't until well after Gareau had finished the race that Ruiz was recognized as a fraud.
In his first full season as a marathoner, Jerome Drayton (born 1945) surprised the running world with his win in 1969 at the Fukuoka world championship race in Japan. He won it two more times and also won a Boston marathon during his athletic career. This photo, taken at the end of the runner’s sixth-place finish at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, shows the physical exhaustion resulting from his efforts exerted during the 42.2 kilometre run.
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